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With our Byrne Benefits Platform, we make managing benefits simple.  Our flexible and scalable software can be configured to fit your business processes. We can help you become more organized and efficient when dealing with employees and managing complex benefit plans. We will help you find the right products and walk you through each phase from discovery, implementation, hosting, and beyond.

EDI Express

Our EDI Express module provides users with the ability to send and receive HIPAA-compliant transactions between trusted trading partners such as Providers, PPOs, or Clearinghouses. Our software supports required standard transactions and proprietary formats used by some third-party re-pricing organizations. We provide more flexibility using PPO networks, which can lead to significant cost savings.



Self Service Web Portal

Our Self Service web portal is designed to be a stand alone product or can be branded to your existing web presence.  Your trustees, providers, members, employees, employers, brokers, etc. can easily look up claims, eligibility, contributions, and more all in one place.


Pension Management

Our Pension software fully supports the administration of  defined benefit and  contribution pension plans. It enables administrators to track participants up through retirement, handle complex plan specifications, and allows retirement systems to respond to changing legislation and business requirements. Our pension system produces accurate projections and reporting to ensure the plan is funded adequately and saves members both time and money.

Premium Billing

Simplify your complicated billing and payment process through automation. Payment processing has never been easier and accounts receivable data is quickly retrieved, making this a powerful and cost-effective billing tool.




Claims Processing

Our Claims Processing software is a complete solution for Taft-Hartley Funds, Third Party Administrators and Corporate America. Our software make it easy to process medical, dental, vision and Flexible Spending Account claims. This HIPAA compliant software has the power of electronic claim submission and auto adjudication.




Collection & Eligibility

Collection and Eligibility is a complete solution for the contribution management process. It provides added flexibility to setup contracts for collection, multiple contribution schedules for employers, and an increased focus on accounting processes.




Supplemental Benefits

Our supplemental benefits software is extremely flexible. This product can manage any number of supplemental benefits including  vacation, sick time, or unemployment. Whatever benefits your company or organization makes available, this program can successfully manage.




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